Mykonos Island


In Greek mythology Mykonos is the son of Apollo, god of light and sun. With an area of ​​86km (squares) and maximum altitude of 364m, Mykonos is part of the archipelago of the Cyclades, a group of islands in the Aegean and and composed mostly of granite rock. This island was discovered in 1950 by a group of young people, children of rich families who were looking for different places to have fun but it owes its fame, glamor and charm to Jacqueline Onassis who inaugurated the international jet-set tourism over there settled. And probably the best known island not only of Greece but throughout the world. Its picturesque aspect goes way beyond the typical Greek architecture. The winding narrow alleys crowded landscapes of the offer in this labyrinth of picture perfect, wonderful contrasts between them. Their white houses so full of flowers, the wide variety of exotic beaches to be explored, the already thousands of times photographed Windmills, postcard of the island, Petros Pelican Island mascot which we can see circling the city, the small Venice, (group of houses built literally over the sea) all so divine that so you can believe have been done by gods. Mykonos and the perfect scenario for anyone. There are options ranging from those who want a lot of noise and diversao even those who prefer a place holder only to admire the exorbitant nature and quiet. Mykonos and a heritage left by past civilizations that has been, and will always popular.

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